Become a Freelance Writers  Perfect Your Editing And Proofreading Skills

Become a Freelance Writers
It is quite astounding to find out that in this day and age of modern technology, many talented writers are supposedly finding difficulty in sourcing freelancing work. One of the most sought after assignments is that of editing and proofreading, for which there is an unprecedented demand, both in the online and print media. You must, however, follow a work plan and strategy if you hope to succeed. Editing starts with you as a writer, just after the completion of your manuscript, article, essay or document. Writers often think an editor can rewrite a text, just after the first draft is submitted but this is not always the case. It is the writer's duty to rewrite and ensure that the copy that reaches the editor always appears as complete as possible. The above process needs to be completed before the editor comes in as an objective person to scrutinize and look at grammar construction, spelling, punctuation, smooth succession of paragraphs and chapters, style, consistency, and fluidity. For more commercial, academic and other formal documents, it must be ensured that the index, structure, clarification of facts, bibliography, and related matters have been properly attended to. Freelance writers can take the following advice with their own first editing: Take a break and remove yourself from the document, by sleeping over it. This is especially important if it is a lengthy one that comprises of a few pages.

Take a more objective look at your work, because you could be over-familiar with the subject matter or story, and then miss out on some important issues.

You can also print the document because you often see mistakes much better in that way.

Try reading your work through the eyes of your readers.

Pay special attention to repetitions, punctuation and spelling, punctuation and correct facts.

Only deal with short sections at a time, otherwise, you lose concentration.

Most importantly, check and correct all your factual information especially names and dates When you feel satisfied, only then do you send it to your editor. Editing naturally involves a lot, but the points as mentioned above is more than adequate to see you through. Freelancers must also be open to comments from others within their peer group, and effect the necessary changes as advised, especially if it makes sense and adds more value. Allowance must be made for enough time, especially when the document is not accepted at first and needs quite a substantial amount of corrections. You should, therefore, understand that lengthy documents like entire books or university dissertations can need up to three months to deal with in full, whilst still maintain the requisite high standards. Perfecting the above skills can become very lucrative for any freelance writer and result in numerous assignments that could include any or all of the following; Editing of all types of documents, articles and web content.

Specialize in the review of dissertations and scholarly publications, technical documents and manuals

Proofreading creative writing sketches, essays, articles, short stories, poems, and novels. There are more than enough freelance writing jobs available for highly motivated writers who have put in the necessary effort to perfect their editing and proofreading skills.