Free Articles Can Get You Into Trouble, How To Use Free Content

Some webmasters try to use articles from the free content directory to get visitors to their site and make some money.
This is mostly important for those who have just started affiliating with several companies and have no funds yet, they still need to create small niches for visitors to the site so they can start earning revenue.

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While this can sometimes be the only option for those who are running on a non-existent budget, there is no way to effectively manage their website or earnings. There are several possible reasons why it can be detrimental to trying to build your business.

Problem #1 - Search Engines

When you are using a duplicate article, the search engine will find it too late to find your site. Because they found another site that was created before your site. By doing this, there will be a lot of cost to ranking the site, or the search engine can push your site far beyond its eyes.
Your site's search engine ranking is essential for affiliate marketing. If you do not get a good visitor, your income will not come. If the visitor does not click on your affiliate link, your earnings will not come. Working on search engine optimization of your site so that you can ultimately get customers high enough to get results, should be a priority.

Problem #2 - Getting visitors to click

It's a kind of battle to be ranked on the top pages in search engines or to send visitors to your website. It is important to remember that you have finished part of the war with original content. If you can convince a visitor that your site is better than other sites, the visitor will simply click on your affiliate link. If your affiliate product is described and authenticated, visitors will be reminded of each other and your income will increase.
When using duplicate content, visitors will not be able to visit your site anymore if they do not see the difference between your product and other site's products.

Problem #3 - Author Bylines

Most free content is provided to you if you agree to put the author's byline at the bottom of the article (you may run into problems if you try to use it without following the set rules). This creates a problem because most authors add their own link to the byline... When a reader is interested and ends up reading an article, there is a high probability that the reader will click on the author's byline link, excluding your affiliate link. And that's why a writer is giving you his content or article for free.
Using this type of content or article means shooting yourself in the foot, and transferring traffic to your cost at another site.

When you have these three problems you should write your own, without copying any article or content. If you cannot do it yourself, then consult a good expert. If you copy someone's content, just copy its article content, then try to write something different with your talent. Thanks