How to make your Article SEO Friendly Using Keywords 

SEO Article friendly using Keywords this sentence sound like odd. But when start a future journey in online you will be used to that sound. If you want to become an article writer or blogger you have to listen to Article, SEO, SEO friendly, or Keywords etc. And at the beginning point, you must have to knowledge some basic things about Online.

We see a lot of ads online. When we see various ads online on how to make income easily using the internet. It is foolish to believe that online income can be easy. This is true if you work hard to earn online. So believe in yourself first, and work hard, success will come. if you will trying to make money with article marketing obviously You will do some of the hard work. And this hard-working brings for you to success.
Your income is possible only if the article you write can attract your visitors.

Here are some tips on how to write your article SEO friendly:

1) If you make an article is based on a specific topic, select some keywords for it.

2) Repeat keywords at least 2/3 times per paragraph.

3) Separate the three parts of article h1, h2, h3.

4) Highlight your keyword in h1.

5) Write the article body, keeping an eye on h1, so that the h1 keyword is repeated.

6) Insert an image according to your article. And enter your keywords in the image property.

7) If you can't do it yourself, you will get advice from someone who knows a little about SEO support.